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Are you interested in getting involved or volunteering with WHIN? Do you have questions about when our monthly meetings are, how you can meet other like minded people or even just to let us know how we are doing?

WHIN is a non-profit sportsman and conservation organization. Unlike many other worthwhile organizations who work on behalf of wildlife, WHIN is a Nevada Organization and retains 100% of the money raised for projects and activities within our State. Funds are raised through membership fees, donations, our annual banquet and other events throughout the year. WHIN Officers and Members are all volunteers who devote countless hours providing manpower necessary to carry out work projects and plan our annual banquet along with other social activities. WHIN is an organization in which your entire family can participate and enjoy. 

Funds raised by WHIN are used to purchase materials for field projects, water development, and for specific purposes such as wildlife research and habitat improvement. In addition, these funds are used to make donations or pool resources with other non-profit organizations for approved wildlife management projects in Nevada.


Call us at (702) 496-5135
Email us at
PO Box 98435
Las Vegas, NV 89193

Executive Officers

Brian Burris

Ron Stoker
Vice President

Carmen Spitzmesser

Tammi Gaudet

Jason Wasden
Director of Youth Programs

Board Of Directors

Michael Guest

Greg Clark

Robert Gaudet

Beau Sterling

Joseph Terry 

Jason Wasden

Carmen Spitzmesser

Tammi Gaudet

William DeJunker

Mike Reese

Honorary Board Members


Chuck Frommer

Mike Reese

Keven Picardo

Chris Klineburger

Tommy Ford

Rance Spurlock

Ed Pribyl

Royce ‘Woody’ Wood

Clint Bentley

Ron Lurie

Lynn and Nancy Stockman

Art and Shirley Goldstrom

Questions?     Comments?     Want to get involved?